TerraView Solutions leverages drone technology to provide comprehensive golf course management services.

About Us

By fusing state-of-the-art drone technology and our proprietary cloud processing platform, we empower course management with the tools they need to maximize turf health, aesthetics, and playability, while reducing water usage, nutrient applications, chemical usage and overhead costs.


Automated drone flights executed on a regular basis allow us to collect comprehensive turf health data for analysis.


Our proprietary cloud based platform analyzes course data and rapidly provides a turf health report.


Interactive turf health reports allow you to identify problems before they become visible to the naked eye, prioritze work and resource usage, and track progress over time.


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Our Services

Our technology enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of services for your business.

Turf Health Analysis

Using automated drone mapping technology, we’re able to identify current problems and areas at risk in near-real time, giving you the tools you need to improve your turf health and lower costs.

Aerial Photography

Capture stunning photography of your course from unique vantage points. Leverage these assets for your website, marketing materials, emails and newsletters to capture your customers attention.

Aerial Videography

Take your customers on a virtual tour of your golf course from a birds eye view. Create a beautiful highlight reel of your course, perfect for a looping video monitor, advertisements, or social media.

3D Terrain Modeling & Topographical Mapping

Our drone flights produce high resolution 3D point cloud and surface models that cover every square inch of your course, which enables advanced analysis and problem solving.

Hydrology and Drainage Analysis

Our team of engineers, paired with 3D surface models obtained via drone flights, can identify areas of pooling water, or concentrated water flows that may cause erosion and provide cost effective solutions to efficiently mitigate these at risk areas.

Civil Land Development

Preparing to make major changes to your course? Our engineers can help you model and optimize expansions, redesigns, or any changes you are interested in making to your course.

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